This Scent Is Like Downing an Aperol Spritz in Fragrance Form

Some perfumes bring delicious baked treats to mind. Others are so fresh and clean they remind us of laundry or skin right out of a shower. More still are like fizzing, bubbly drinks that bring to mind a vacation at dusk. Bulgari’s Allegra Collection is all about sharing a spritz in the city of Rome, and it’s a gorgeous scent that you’ll want to bathe in – or at the very least, spray until you smell nothing else. It’s really that good.

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If you’re ready to diversify your scent profile, it’s time to check out Bvlgari Allegra Rock ‘N’ Rome Eau de Parfum, which is $280 right now at Saks Fifth Avenue. This unique fragrance comes in a gorgeous bottle that resembles a wrapped piece of candy, with what appears to be a double-ended spray that doubles as a base end. Its bright orange middle brings to mind the popular aperitivo Aperol Spritz, and its top and bottom clear purple pieces complement the color nicely.

Get the Bulgari Allegra Rock ‘N’ Rome Eau de Parfum for just $280 at Saks Fifth Avenue! 

Lean in and you’ll take in notes of osmanthus and benzoin, with amber, sparkling floral and fruits, and aperativos, all colored by the friendship and camaraderie you share with friends when you make the trek to Rome. It’s zesty and effervescent, and unlike anything you’ve tried from the brand before. If you’re looking for something new and exciting to sample, this is it.

Get the Bulgari Allegra Rock ‘N’ Rome Eau de Parfum for just $280 at Saks Fifth Avenue!

Now that summer is just about here, it’s time to try on a new perfume. There’s no better one to slip into while you enjoy some drinks with friends and chat well into the night. And you’ll have a fun answer when they ask you what you’re wearing, too!

Get the Bulgari Allegra Rock ‘N’ Rome Eau de Parfum for just $280 at Saks Fifth Avenue!

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