This Lazy-Girl Maxi Dress Is Your New Go-To Summer Travel Look

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Sometimes you need to dress for function over form. You need something basic and comfortable to just exist in, because maybe that’s all you have time or the desire for. If that’s the case, you don’t have to settle for something drab that doesn’t fit your personal style. There are tons of great options out there that you can throw on and go about your day while feeling absolutely gorgeous and still comfortable. Like this maxi dress we found on sale at Walmart for a great price.

The Asklazy Maxi Dress With Pockets is just $19 at Walmart, which is down from its normal price of $56. You’re getting an absolute steal here, especially on a dress that costs so much when it’s not on sale. It’s a long, flowy maxi look with short sleeves, and you may not believe this, but it even has two side pockets so you can carry everything you need! If that alone isn’t a reason to buy, then what is?

Get the Asklazy Maxi Dress With Pockets for just $19 at Walmart! 

This dress is stretchy and opaque, made from forgiving materials. It isn’t complicated to put on and wear, and it feels like a long T-shirt or a tunic, in fact. So you’re as comfortable as humanly possible while out and about, and you know you’re covered in the event a bit of wind gusts around you, too. Plus, you can dress it up and down quite easily. Add jewelry or dressy shoes for an event, and even a jacket for an even more elegated look.

Get the Asklazy Maxi Dress With Pockets for just $19 at Walmart! 

Ready to snag one of the dresses of your own? Beware: You may just get so comfortable that you’ll end up merging with this dress. It might even become your second skin. Just kidding – but don’t miss out on this dress while it’s still there. You’ll love its versatility.

Get the Asklazy Maxi Dress With Pockets for just $19 at Walmart! 

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