These Are the Best Fitness Tracker Deals Today

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Summer is right around the corner, and it’s time to start showing off those beach bodies. If you’re planning on doing that in the next few weeks, now’s a great time to start working on your fitness goals, or, if you’ve already met them, maintaining them. That can be as simple as going for more walks, going cycling, or just getting out and getting more fresh air. One great way to track all that effort is with a fitness tracker!

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Fitness trackers may sound expensive, but many of them are quite affordable. If you’re interested in adding one to your repertoire, there are plenty on sale right now at Amazon that you can use to do just that for less. We found 10 of the best deals on fitness trackers you can find at Amazon right now, so if you’re ready to start shopping, just check below for some of the best deals up for grabs right now.

10 Best Fitness Tracker Deals on Amazon Today

1. Garmin Vivosmart 4: This slim tracker can help you keep an eye on your blood oxygen levels and sleep habits – just $90!

2. Amazfit Band 7: Grab this affordable tracker for its impressive 18-hour battery life that you’ll appreciate – just $45!

3. Fitbit Charge 6: Use this powerful tracker to keep up with all your workouts, sleep, stress, heart rate, and much more – just $140!

4. Fitbit Sense 2: This tracker has everything you’d expect from its competitors and all the features of a regular smartwatch, too – just $200!

5. Fitbit Versa 4: Take advantage of this watch’s 40+ exercise modes for super minute tracking – just $150!

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Editor’s note: This article was last updated on December 21, 2023. A lot of people start taking their health and fitness more seriously this time of year. Everyone seems to be setting goals — be it to eat healthier, start running, build muscle, get up early and hit the gym a few times per week. […]

6. Fitbit Inspire 2: This easy-to-use tracker has a slim profile but an expansive selection of great features – just $62!

7. Garmin Instinct: Perfect for rugged adventurers, take this fitness tracker with you everywhere you journey – just $188!

8. Garmin Vivoactive 3: Use this tracker for just about any need you might have, and it comes with built-in sports apps, too – just $120!

9. Anyloop Fitness Tracker: This budget tracker has everything you need to make and keep up with healthy choices – just $40!

10. AKAGear Fitness and Activity Tracker: Track your sleep and much more for just above $50 bucks, which is a fantastic price – only $55!

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