Jason Kelce Didn’t Buy His Own Khakis, That Was Kylie

Jason and Kylie Kelce.
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Jason Kelce’s wife, Kylie Kelce, came to the rescue when he needed khakis to wear for his debut appearance at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Tournament.

Jason, 36, was spotted practicing his swing at the Lake Tahoe tournament on Wednesday, July 10, sporting a blue polo shirt, khaki pants and white shoes. When NBC Sports posted the video footage on X and reported that Jason “brought [khakis] for Jason” — an in-joke among his fans — the recently retired Philadelphia Eagle replied, “I mean, if I’m being honest Kylie went out and bought them last minute and packed them for me.”

While Jason’s brother Travis Kelce, 34, hires a stylist to dress him in flashy ensembles, Jason is more low-key and casual. In an interview with Good Morning America last month, Travis remarked of his pre-game outfits, “He’s the neanderthal who wears flip-flops in winter and doesn’t really care what he looks like.”

Travis gave Jason flak last September on their “New Heights” podcast for showing up to the premiere of Kelce, the Amazon Prime documentary about Jason’s life, sporting a black T-shirt, shorts and, yes, flip-flops.

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“I was going to have jeans on, but Kylie was running late,” Jason explained, blaming his scruffy sartorial situation on his wife, 32. “I came straight from football, Kylie was going to bring the jeans. Kylie was late.”

“Jason, why didn’t Jason bring jeans for Jason?” Travis responded, raising the fact that perhaps Kylie had been preoccupied at the time with taking care of their three young daughters.

Backtracking, Jason conceded that Kylie “was too busy getting the entire family situated with the babysitter and then getting herself ready and making sure her parents were with her.”

The Kelce brothers both signed up to hit the green at Edgewood Tahoe Resort for its celeb golf contest, which runs Wednesday through Sunday, July 14. Travis, who has previously participated with “atrocious” scores, offered Jason golfing advice in a recent episode of “New Heights.”

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“Just don’t feel bad if you hit somebody because they bought the ticket knowing it’s a bunch of amateurs out there trying to play golf,” Travis joked. 

Travis’ girlfriend, Taylor Swift, is currently taking her Eras Tour through Europe. In late June, Jason and Kylie were spotted attending a Swift show in London. Once the pair made it to the VIP tent, they passed out beaded bracelets to the crowd. At one point, Jason leaned out of the tent to greet fans and trade the jewelry before the start of the concert.

“We just want to be supportive of him and their relationship and everything that they’ve got going on, because it’s so wonderful right now,” Jason told reporters at a charity event days later.

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