George Kittle Jokes About Sneaking Into Taylor Swift’s Holiday House

NFL tight end George Kittle asked his pal Travis Kelce for a Taylor Swift-related favor during a recent visit to Rhode Island.

Kittle, 30, was one of many San Francisco 49ers stars who attended running back Christian McCaffrey‘s wedding to Olivia Culpo on the East Coast earlier this month, and he happened to be staying near Holiday House, Swift’s famed vacation home in Watch Hill.

“I texted Travis. I was like, ‘Hey, I need to use the restroom. Do you mind? Did Taylor leave a key anywhere?’” Kittle joked during a Wednesday, July 10, interview on The Rich Eisen Show.

Kelce, 34, took the playful request in stride. “He’s like, ‘You can try to get in, but I think security’s gonna get you out of there,’” Kittle continued. “I was like, ‘Yeah, OK. I’m not gonna try that one.’”

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When it comes to getting a VIP seat at Swift’s Eras Tour, Kittle hasn’t called in a favor. “I have not asked for tickets,” he said, adding that he also hasn’t heard of many other NFL stars asking Kelce to hook them up. “I bet you [former tight end] Greg Olsen has.”

George Kittle Asked Travis Kelce for Key to Taylor Swift Holiday House 2

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Over the past year, Swift, 34, has become a fixture of the NFL due to her relationship with Kelce. The couple began dating last summer, with Swift first attending one of his Kansas City Chiefs games in September 2023. She supported the team at 13 games throughout the season, even flying from Japan to Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII in February. (Kelce’s team defeated Kittle’s 49ers in overtime, winning their second consecutive Super Bowl.)

With another NFL season underway soon, Swift’s ongoing tour was a factor in planning out the game schedule — but not for the reason some fans might think.

“We certainly considered the tour dates that hit NFL stadiums,” Mike North, the NFL’s VP of broadcasting planning, noted in a statement in March. “I think she’s in Miami, maybe New Orleans, Indy. We certainly considered those. One thing we didn’t consider, I saw a lot of conspiracy theorists talking about Kansas City at Buffalo in the middle of the season, right when Taylor’s playing Toronto. That one definitely did not hit our radar screen.”

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While some football fans were skeptical about Swift’s appearances at games last season, others were happy to see how many new viewers — women in particular — were tuning in to see Swift on a broadcast. Kittle was previously asked about the unprecedented level of attention on Kelce’s personal life in a pre-Super Bowl press conference.

“I can’t grasp my head around it,” he said in February. “While it might seem to all of us to be a distraction, it might not be to him.”

Kittle continued, “I think Travis is a mature man, he knows how to handle his business and I think he puts football over everything. I think you can tell he’s playing in the Super Bowl, he obviously knows how to handle anything going on off the field.”

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