Accessory Packing Made Simple With Travel Hacks From Skye Drynan

As founder & CEO of fashion mega-brand House of Skye™, Skye Drynan’s career demands that she arrives on-point and polished whatever the destination. So, whether you’re planning an overnight getaway or a week-long dream vacation, she has the perfect packing hacks to store, stow, and protect your accessories on-the-go!

#1 – Binder Clip
If you’re traveling on your summer vacation, you don’t want to take off your hat and just smush it in your luggage. Skye’s advice, “I just take a binder clip that I have in my office and I just clip my hat right on the outside of my bag. No smushed hat, and I’m perfect to be poolside.”

#2 – Plastic Tackle Box
The other packing essential Skye’s obsessing over with this summer? Little tackle boxes. “You can get them at the local hardware store or craft store,” she says, “Pop in your earrings, take your bracelets, and voila, everything is ready to go, and nothing gets messed up,” she explains. Now just pop the box in your purse or luggage!

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